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I think that this is a great work. The shading was executed quite nicely, as well as the texture on the tears and grass. I love the way...

I love the realism that you portray into the background. I also find amusing the writing on the chalkboard, which suggests that (Along ...

by jossax

In most cases, simplicity can be a bad thing, but in a select few, like this one, it can be the best thing to happen to a picture. If i...

I love this emote, but it would be even more awesome if you made a chat friendly version, such as a plz account. The fact that the note...


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     Hello, everyone, it's been a while! I haven't been on DA in such a long time, I had to clear away cobwebs for an hour just to find the submit button! Anyway, I'm not saying I'll be back for good, I just want to share a story with you.
     So the past few days haven't been the best. I've gotten into some arguments with my father. Something about I had to carry bags of mulch up a hill, and I tried to use one of those seed spreading things as a makeshift wheelbarrow.
     My dad got mad about this, saying I was going to break it, so I brought it back and resumed carrying the bags. The very next bag I gave to him came with a remark. I told him "I'm sorry for trying to be smart" and he got extremely angry about this. With every bag I brought back to him in silence after that, he threatened to ground me. 
     Anyway, things happened and I took a shower and had an emotional breakdown because whenever I try to find an easy way to do something, I always get yelled at. Without fail. If I don't do things exactly like I'm told, I'd be breaking some ancient tradition and the world would be put in peril.
     Granted, not all my ideas are good ideas, but I was fussed at one for using a pair of scissors to sharpen my only pencil. There were no sharpeners in the room, and we were told to use the one next door, but every time I'd go in there, that teacher would give me the meanest look I'd ever seen. I'd always thought she practiced that look at home trying to scare herself in the mirror.
     Back on track now, I grabbed some paper and markers and set to make a comic about what was happening. You know, practice makes perfect and all that. I drew a guy and at first, people said he was smart. Intelligent. Bright. But then he shares an idea and people gun him down because of how stupid the idea was.
     With every panel after that, I drew his hair messier, his eyes darker, and his bright orange coat slowly faded to black. The sun slowly setting in the background to symbolize his depression as he became this emo character that I didn't know I was capable of drawing. 
     My plan was to make it a sad story. I planned to have one last person near the end try to cheer him up by saying that he was smart one last time, and my character would lash out and yell "I DONT BELIEVE YOU!!" And that would be the end.
     Things didn't go according to plan.
     Someone did try to cheer him up, that part carried through. But it was a voice that had no owner.. It said, "This kid's a genius." My guy turned around to see who said it. The voice then said, "You are a genius."
     And then in the last panel, he looks up to find that the sun, the same one that I had setting in the background to symbolism defeat and depression, was the owner of the voice. My character's hair wasn't messy anymore, his coat back to orange, the color returned to his eyes, and I did my best to draw a look of wonder on his face.
     The sun said to him, "And nobody can ever change that"
     I drew the pictures, and I penned the words, but I feel like story wrote itself, just to cheer me up.


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I am a funny guy that likes funny stuff. Any comment on any of my work is appreciated, even if its a critization.
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I will be happy to role play with you and your characters, I'm always learning new things about characters, both other people's and my own.

:iconmarkstersskins: is my skins account, you should really go check that out for minecraft skins and stuff.

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